Who Is Trish

Trish's love for chocolate and sweet treats started when she was a young girl helping her mother and grandmother bake cookies, cake and pies; but her passion blossomed during her first trip to Paris in the 1982.

One bite of a chocolate truffle from the famous Fachon's Bakery and Patisserie and she knew her destiny.

All of our products are handcrafted the European way, using the finest ingredients available. We pair our desserts with unique and traditional flavors found locally and around the globe.

We invite you to try these delicious delicacies and enjoy the experience of eating them as much as we enjoy making them.

Our goal is to share the sweetness and make the world a sweeter place, we hope you will join us.

Assorted pastries, specialty desserts, party favors and designer truffles and macarons please see website or call for pricing
Item Name Price
4 Piece Classic & Truffles 10.00
6 Piece Classic & Truffles 14.00
12 Piece Classic Truffles 28.00
4 Piece Chefs Truffles 10.00
6 Piece Chefs Truffles 14.00
12 Piece Chefs Truffles 28.00
12 Piece Macaron 29.00
24 Piece Macarons 58.00
12 Pack Cookies 13.00
24 Pack Cookies 26.00

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